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Getting the best results from laser hair removal treatment in Jacksonville

You’ll hear the media use plenty of monikers – body grooming, coat cleanup, ep-elation, manscaping, mat management – for hair removal. The clever terms might be new, but the woman- and mankind’s desire for smooth, hairless skin is not. Hair removal dates back to the Neolithic era and has been practised for fashion, comfort, religious, medical, and sexual reasons. Today both genders have an effective, long-term option. Laser hair removal treatment is changing the way women and men in the Jacksonville area tackle this ticklish subject.

Laser hair removal basics

While the right equipment, training, and experience are essential for safe, effective treatment, the concept of laser hair removal is rather simple. A handheld device sends a controlled dose of laser energy through the skin to follicles, little sacs from which hair grows. Heat from the laser is focused on the pigment in the hair, with minimal risk to skin.

At one time, laser hair removal was only recommended for light-skinned patients with dark hair. However, Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center has a full suite of lasers. With Dr. Mary Pentel’s medical oversight, virtually all skin types and all areas of the body may be treated safely. Laser hair removal is not as effective, though, on very light blonde or white hair.

Hair grows in three stages. Laser hair removal destroys the follicles in the anagen growth phase, so several treatment sessions spaced several weeks apart are usually necessary for full clearance. Hair will not re-grow from treated follicles. However, your body may continue to produce a small amount of new follicles. Most patients are so thrilled with results that they schedule periodic touch-ups to manage any new growth.

Preparation for great results

Laser hair removal saves time in your daily grooming regimen. It is also a terrific investment in self image and confidence. Make the most of that investment with a bit of preparation prior to each treatment session:

  • Avoid tanning – Stay out of the sun and tanning beds for at least two weeks before laser hair removal. You’ll increase the effectiveness of treatment, and minimize risk of side effects such as skin lightening.
  • Don’t pluck – Tweezing, waxing, threading, and electrolysis interfere with laser hair removal so stop these practices at least four weeks in advance. Shaving, however, doesn’t disturb the hair shaft or follicle, so you may shave for up to two days before treatment.
  • Get acne under control first – It isn’t advisable to start laser hair removal within six months of using Accutane. Talk with Dr. Pentel about other acne treatment options.

Imagine waking up every morning to sleek, sexy skin in all the right places without shaving, waxing, or messy creams. Laser hair removal makes it a reality. Call Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center at 904-606-9882 to get started.


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