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Dermatologist offers Botox Cosmetic Xeomin Dysport and Artefills treatments to patients in Orange Park

Botox Cosmetic Xeomin Dysport and Artefills treatments
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When someone tells a joke, we laugh. When we are sad, we frown. When the camera flashes, we smile. These are all natural emotional responses to the world around us. Yet all of these expressions put muscles under tension. Even squinting to see an object can cause undue strain. Over time, repeated muscle contractions lead to wrinkles. Sun bathing and smoking expedite the process. Fortunately, Southside Dermatology in Jacksonville, FL provides solutions to help restore skin’s youth.

Types of facial wrinkles you may wish to combat

As the face loses volume and elasticity, the following appears:

  • Frown lines – Moderate to severe vertical creases between the eyebrows.
  • Forehead furrows – Horizontal lines above the brow.
  • Crow’s feet – Creases near the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Marionette lines – Folds near corners of the mouth.

Treatment options

Dr. Mary Pentel is adept at assessing the aging face. Her energy, combined with a sense of humor, helps to put you at ease during any procedure. This dermatologist takes her time with you, creating a treatment plan best suited for your aesthetic goals, total health, and wellbeing.

She offers top cosmetic procedures in dermatology including Botox Cosmetic and Dysport. These are prescription injections composed of a purified protein. These neuromodulators cause muscles to relax and stop contracting. Eventually, skin on injected areas becomes smoother.

Dr. Pentel uses Botox to help improve glabellar lines, which are moderate to severe folds between the eyebrows, and other areas where wrinkles are caused by muscle contraction. The FDA approved this product in 2002, and it leads as one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in dermatology. In 2009, the FDA approved Dysport for use in cosmetic treatments. With either product, you will see results lasting about three to six months.

Could Botox Cosmetic or Dysport be a solution to your moderate to severe frown lines? Southside Dermatology has a caring and professional staff, happy to answer questions you have about either treatment. We proudly serve Jacksonville, Orange Park, and surrounding areas. Call 904-606-9882 to schedule an appointment today.

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