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Assessing the cost of CoolSculpting in Jacksonville

cost of CoolSculpting in Jacksonville
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If you notice slight bulges when you look in the mirror, you may feel frustrated and dissatisfied. We understand! Many people want to improve the shape of their body but are resistant to the idea of plastic surgery. The good news is that the cost of liposuction may not be necessary. With innovative treatments such as CoolSculpting, many men and women in the Jacksonville area are recreating their best shape.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a method of fat reduction that relies on temperature rather than surgical removal. The only suction that takes place in this treatment focuses on pulling an area of fat in between two cooling panels. The system was created by scientists at Harvard, who studied the effects of freezing temperatures on fat cells. What they found was that, at a precise temperature, the contents of fat cells would crystallize. This crystallization leads to cell elimination, resulting in a slimmer figure.

CoolSculpting or liposuction, making the comparison

Liposuction is a proven surgical solution to unwanted fat. The procedure may be appropriate for some people who want to address larger areas, or who simply want to see results right away. However, the final appearance of contouring does take weeks to see due to swelling and bruising caused by the insertion of a cannula beneath the skin during the procedure. Tissues in the general area of treatment are disrupted by the procedure and require time to heal. The liposuction procedure involves multiple medical personnel and the use of an accredited surgical centre, all of which are factors in the overall cost of care.

The CoolSculpting procedure is an in-office treatment performed by a single, trained clinician. Once the target tissue is pulled into the panels, patients do nothing more than sit back and relax for the next hour or so. As tissues are cooled, physical sensations may range from tingling to a mild ache to numbness. After a treatment session, it is possible to go about a normal routine. The body will eliminate the treated cells over the course of several weeks.

Aside from cost-savings, there are notable advantages to the CoolSculpting procedure. Find out what this treatment can do for you when you visit Southside Dermatology and Laser Center. Call 904-606-9882.


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