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Regain youthfulness with eTwo facial rejuvenation in Jacksonville

youthfulness with eTwo facial rejuvenation in Jacksonville
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Facial aging is one of the primary concerns of adults. In sunny Florida, we also have to consider the effects of consistent UV exposure. To reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, many people turn to lasers. Laser therapies can have a significant effect on aging, damaged skin. However, most fall into either the ablative category, or the non-ablative category.

Ablative treatments vaporize damaged cells in superficial layers of skin. This tends to produce redness that lasts several days. Non-ablative lasers use less heat and affect dermal tissues to stimulate new cells and collagen. Because non-ablative laser treatment does not direct high heat to the skin, little to no redness occurs. Standard lasers treat either the surface or deeper tissues. But what about treating both? With the eTwo system, facial rejuvenation occurs both on the surface and below. We are pleased to have this laser in our Jacksonville office.

How eTwo is different

The eTwo laser system combines two different frequencies. The maker of the eTwo, Syneron, calls these frequencies Sublime and Sublative. Bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light in the Sublime frequency target the dermal tissues to produce more collagen. The Sublative frequency stimulates collagen and elastin production in the superficial tissues using heat. The combination of frequencies causes an immediate improvement, as well as progressive results.

The eTwo procedure uses fractionated laser light. This means that microscopic areas of the skin are affected, but not the entire surface. Fractionated therapies are gentler, but produce the desired results because the activation of healthy cells works in concert with regeneration of new cells to reveal healthier, younger-looking skin.

eTwo laser treatments are effective for a number of concerns, including age spots, stretch marks, and aging skin. To achieve the best outcome, we may suggest a series of treatments based on your desired appearance and the condition of your skin.

Southside Dermatology is equipped with a number of innovative anti-aging services. We are happy to consult with you about your concerns. During your consultation, you can discover the path to rejuvenated skin. Schedule your visit at 904-880-0622


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