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Why patients choose CoolSculpting fat removal treatment in Jacksonville

CoolSculpting fat removal treatment in Jacksonville
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Historically, stubborn fat could either be accepted as a natural part of the body, or it could be removed surgically through liposuction. Today, we have a number of non-surgical methods to contour the body. Southside Dermatology and Laser Center is pleased to offer CoolSculpting fat removal treatment to our Jacksonville patients. This revolutionary treatment works with the proven scientific principle that fat can be frozen.

It may seem that liposuction would be a more efficient approach to fat removal, but this is not true in every situation. There are a number of reasons to consider today’s non-invasive options.

You can spot reduce

Experts typically say that you cannot spot reduce fat. Perhaps this is true when you rely on diet and exercise. The CoolSculpting method of fat freezing can target the areas that trouble you, including back rolls, a muffin top, or your abdomen.


Many people today would like to avoid the discomfort and recovery that go with surgery. CoolSculpting affects fat cells from the outside in. No incision means no anesthesia, no bleeding, and no pain. At most, patients who choose CoolSculpting feel lingering sensations of numbness or tingling after their procedures.

No downtime

The mild soreness or tingling that occurs as fat cells become crystallized does not affect normal daily activities. Patients do not need pain medication, nor do they need to recovery from anesthesia. As soon as treatment is completed, it is possible to go shopping or back to work.


The cost of liposuction can range quite a bit because of the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia, pain medication, and other additional costs associated with surgery. Additionally, there is the cost of time off for recovery. CoolSculpting costs are based on how many treatments are needed and the number of areas targeted.

Not everyone wants surgery or is a good candidate for liposuction. The safety, convenience, and efficacy of the CoolSculpting procedure make this treatment suitable for the vast majority of people who have moderate pockets of problematic fat.

CoolSculpting can be the answer to your concerns. If you are in good health and at a healthy weight, you may be an ideal candidate for a fat freezing treatment. Find out during your consultation with us! Call 904-606-9882.


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