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Dermatologist offers intraoral skin tightening in Jacksonville area

intraoral skin tightening in Jacksonville area
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The appearance of deep nasolabial folds and smile lines and frown lines can result in Jacksonville area patients feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Southside Dermatology encourages patients to take the time to learn about the ways in which they can address these concerns. For some men and women, our line of injectables can help in reducing the depth of these folds, while others may want to consider a more long-term result by stimulating the production of collagen and enjoying permanent skin tightening in the treatment area. Thanks to advances in laser technologies, patients can enjoy just that!

Dr. Mary Pentel can provide patients with intraoral skin tightening services. By using the Er:YAG laser in the non-ablative mode (also known as SMOOTH mode), Dr. Mary Pentel can insert the cannula into the mouth and stimulate collagen production with laser energy. It may be inserted in different areas depending on the concern, including the buccal, peri-oral mucosa, and the lip mucosa.

Laser treatments are relatively comfortable for patients to undergo. There is no pain and most patients just experience a warming sensation in the treatment area. Patients will not be able to achieve optimum results with just one treatment session and are encouraged to work with their dermatologist in developing a treatment plan that works best for their specific needs. Depending on patient’s age, severity of their condition, and his or her concerns, up to four or more treatments spaced approximately four weeks apart may be necessary for optimum results.

The team of Southside Dermatology are here to assist patients in rejuvenating their appearance and feeling better about the way they look. We understand how imperfections of the skin and other cosmetic concerns can have an effect on self-confidence and our team is excited to invest in the technology patients can use to achieve a more attractive look while addressing both aesthetic and medical concerns. If you live in or around the Jacksonville area, contact Dr. Mary Pentel today to book a consultation visit with a dermatologist who cares!


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