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Women and men in Jacksonville, FL enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal treatment

Throughout history the human race has practiced hair removal, for fashion, cultural, religious, and medical reasons. Along the way, we’ve devised all sorts of torturous methods to get smooth-skinned results. Today it is much easier for females and males to enjoy sleek faces and bodies. Imagine the benefits of a hair-free look without daily shaving, painful waxing, tedious tweezing, messy depilatory preparations, or expensive threading. Dr. Mary Pentel and the aesthetic team at Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville, FL make it a reality with laser hair removal treatment.

Understanding laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that requires training, precision, and up to date equipment for ultimate patient safety and effective results. Using the correct laser for your skin type and hair color, the technician selects the appropriate wavelength, depending on the region being treated and thickness of growth. Controlled pulses of laser energy are directed to the treatment area. They destroy hair follicles in the anagen growth stage.

You’ll see reduction in hair density after just one session. However, since hair grows in three stages and laser removal impacts only those in the anagen phase, several sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart are needed for full resolution. Treated hairs will never grow back, but your body may continue to produce a few new hair follicles. Dr. Pentel recommends an occasional laser touch-up to maintain a silky complexion.

Treatment areas

Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center invests in the latest equipment for the comfort and safety of patients. Their GentleMax Pro laser includes a cooling mechanism. The unit is appropriate for all areas of the face and body, and there is essentially no downtime following laser hair removal. In some cases there is redness or swelling following treatment, but it is mild and temporary. Patients in the Jacksonville, FL area enjoy the results of laser hair removal on:

  • Face – beard area, upper lip, uni-brow, sideburns, head, and neck.
  • Arms, legs, and underarms.
  • Back, chest, and abdomen.
  • Bikini area.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Most importantly, you look sleek, smooth, and well-groomed, 24/7. You save time and money by avoiding a daily routine, stocking up on multiple products, or maintaining regular salon sessions. You’ll never again suffer the discomfort of hot wax, pinching tweezers, or epilators. Laser hair removal is also an effective way to minimize shaving rash and bumps, and ingrown hairs. Your confidence and your gender appeal soar!

Jacksonville, FL has about 221 sunny days each year and an average temperature of 79 degrees. Stay cool and look great in warm weather wear with laser hair removal treatment. Call 904-606-9882 to get started.


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