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Profound for beautiful anti-aging effects found in our Jacksonville office

beautiful anti-aging effects found in our Jacksonville office
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Beauty and youthfulness have been treasured by humans for centuries. This is evident in the development of numerous skin and body treatments over hundreds of years. It is exciting to have the power of multiple forms of energy at our fingertips, aiding us in giving our patients what they want – skin that is more beautiful and youthful.

Loose, sagging skin is a telltale sign of aging, but it doesn’t have to be. Profound treatment is a non-surgical approach to anti-aging that has consistently achieved noticeable results for patients of our Jacksonville spa and laser center.

The Profound difference

Profound treatment is different from a standard laser. This device promotes the restructuring of the skin via radiofrequency energy. The process of rejuvenation does not involve the manual removal of excess skin, as in face lift surgery. It begins beneath the surface with the stimulation of tissue regeneration. When radiofrequency targets deeper layers of the skin, its energy is absorbed as heat. Research has demonstrated that heat stimulates collagen growth in the tissues, and those tissues become tighter and more elastic as old collagen is denatured and subsequently repaired.

The results of Profound treatments occur progressively. Over several weeks, patients notice that their chin and jowls become more defined, and that skin looks tighter over the surface of facial contours. Because there is an enhanced response in facial tissues, many people are able to achieve their desired outcome with just two sessions.

Restructuring collagen is different from manually tightening the skin. This substance is necessary for the skin to remain youthful and resilient. A facelift may lead to a younger appearance, but it does not encourage new collagen formation. Because radiofrequency does, this method is appealing to individuals seeking longevity in the results of their anti-aging program.

Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center offers you the personalized attention you need to address the cosmetic concerns that have come with age. Skin tightening may be achieved with a number of different services. In consultation with us, you can discover how to get the results you want in the manner best suited to your preferences.

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