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All clinics in Jacksonville aren’t equally qualified to provide Ultherapy treatment

equally qualified to provide Ultherapy treatment
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You might let your teenaged neighbor boy, who is taking auto shop courses in school, tinker with your lawn mower, but you probably wouldn’t want him to paint your BMW. You might not care if the young woman preparing your quick pizza lunch went to culinary school, but you feel differently when paying for a luxury night out at a five star restaurant. The same mindset applies to aesthetic skin treatments like Ultherapy. Safety, quality of care, and results hinge on the expertise of the practitioner and the environment of the clinic. Dr. Mary Pentel of the Southside Dermatology in Jacksonville, FL emphasizes the importance of doing a little background work before choosing where you will schedule Ultherapy treatment.

Ultherapy is truly a medical procedure

Yes, Ultherapy is nonsurgical. Yes, it is FDA-cleared. Yes, it is safe and effective, with no downtime and minimal risk of side effects – in skilled, experienced hands. However, Ultherapy is a real medical treatment that should be administered by a trained professional, with the oversight of a doctor.

Ultrasound has been used in medicine for half a century. The word may conjure images of an expectant mother anxiously awaiting word on the gender of her unborn baby. Bear in mind the technician administering her ultrasound has had two to four years of specialized training.

Ultrasound technology is the basis for Ultherapy treatment, for facial lift and improvement in décolletage wrinkles, without surgery. After skin is cleansed and coated with coupling gel, the clinician guides a hand piece over sagging skin on the brow, neck, chin, and chest. The device sends a precise dose of ultrasound energy into deep skin layers, stimulating a healing reaction that builds natural collagen. Ultrasound imaging allows the clinician to view skin layers, sending treatment where it provides the most benefit. You experience visible lift and tightening over the course of two to three months.

Qualifications of Southside Dermatology team

Southside Dermatology facility uniquely combines a warm welcome, a relaxing spa atmosphere, and clinical sterility to bring you the best possible Ultherapy treatment experience. Dr. Pentel is a Board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. Her staff includes two Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners who assist with laser, ultrasound, and other aesthetic and medical dermatology treatments, with Dr. Pentel’s supervision. These individuals have a wealth of training and experience, and receive ongoing educational updates.

All clinics in Jacksonville are not equally qualified to provide Ultherapy treatment. For discreet, compassionate care and uplifting results, trust the credentials of the team at Southside Dermatology . The number is 904-880-0622.


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