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Laser vaginal tightening in Jacksonville offers several benefits

At first, the physical changes that come with age may cause only subtle signs; mild stiffness in the joints, or a few gray hairs. In time, however, the changes occur with increasing frequency and intensity. Women will notice numerous symptoms as the body produces less estrogen.

Urinary incontinence

The accidental release of urine has been, historically, a problem that women simply had to deal with. For many years, the issue was regarded as a normal consequence of growing older. Today, science cites vaginal atrophy, or the breakdown of healthy tissues in the vaginal wall, as a major factor in urinary incontinence. It was determined that vaginal atrophy is linked to a decreased supply of collagen.

Vaginal dryness

An integral aspect of vaginal health is the moisture barrier that is supported by a vital biochemical balance. Even through monthly hormonal fluctuations, vaginal moisture tends to remain consistent enough to support healthy lubrication during sexual arousal. As hormones fluctuate through peri-menopause and settle at nearly non-existent levels after menopause, this moisture barrier receives less nourishment and becomes dry. The result of vaginal dryness, also associated with atrophy in the tissues of the vaginal mucosa, is discomfort during intercourse. Additionally, a woman may suffer urinary tract infections more frequently and may become self-conscious or saddened by the changes to her body.

Laser vaginal tightening

Dr. Mary Pentel offers women in and around the Jacksonville area a non-surgical, drug-free, and minimally invasive solution to the problems associated with vaginal atrophy. At Southside Dermatology & Laser Center at Southside Dermatology, this concerning issue can be resolved with a few IntimaLase/IncontiLase laser treatments.

The in-office treatments take only a few minutes to complete. Numbing cream is applied to the vaginal opening to improve comfort as the small laser is inserted. Once positioned, the IntimaLase/IncontiLase device emits low levels of wavelengths of light, which promotes collagen production. Over time, the influx of nourishing chemicals rejuvenates vaginal tissues, improving bladder support, moisture, and sexual satisfaction.

Learn more about IntimaLase/IncontiLase when you visit Dr. Pentel in Jacksonville. Call 904-880-0622 today.


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