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Say hello to smoother skin with Cellfina™!

Our Jacksonville spa and dermatology center has been established as a full-spectrum center for your dermatologic and aesthetic needs. Patients who are interested in banishing bulging cellulite are invited to learn more about the latest non-surgical treatment, Cellfina™.

The problem of cellulite

An estimated 90 percent of women complain of cellulite. The condition that causes dimpling and a "cottage cheese" appearance on the thighs, knees, buttocks, and other areas is actually the result of bands of tissue that run just beneath the skin. In women, the pattern of these woven bands can allow underlying fat to push through, causing the unattractive appearance that so many wish to banish from their body.

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina™ is an innovative, non-surgical procedure that has been FDA-cleared for the reduction of cellulite. Treatment is performed in the comfort of our spa environment using local anesthetic for a pain-free experience. During the procedure, a small, needle-sized blade is used to release the bands that tether the upper layers of skin to underlying tissues. By releasing the bands, the pull and push relationship between fat and other tissue is ended, and the surface becomes smooth and supple.

Cellfina™ produces the results that women have been unable to achieve with diet and exercise alone. Without surgery, this procedure even does what liposuction cannot. Because the surgical removal of fat does not address bands that cause cellulite, patients treated with liposuction may continue to struggle with this problem. Cellfina™ addresses the cause.

Most people treated with Cellfina™ achieve the desired result with just one treatment, and results last! At the one-year mark, the procedure has a 94 percent satisfaction rate. Amazingly, this goes up to 96 percent at the two-year mark. Other cellulite treatments available today achieve only a fraction of this success after six months, and multiple sessions are typically required.

Smoother skin without down time

One of the benefits of the Cellfina™ procedure is that patients typically experience only mild swelling and bruising after treatment. Post-procedure soreness is minor and does not get in the way of normal activity. Other than taking the day of treatment off, most patients return to their routine right away.

Are you ready to say goodbye to cellulite? Call 904-606-9882 to schedule your Cellfina™ consultation at the Spa & Laser Center in Jacksonville.