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I have been a patient at Southside Dermatology for several years, as are my wife and numerous friends that originally recommended Dr. Pentel. I have always enjoyed fantastic service and have seen Dr. Pentel on every visit. I will continue to see her and her wonderful staff.
Coolsculpting is an innovative body contouring procedure that has men and women worldwide flocking to board certified dermatologists such as Dr. Mary Pentel. Dr. Pentel proudly offers this non-surgical fat reduction treatment at Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville, FL. Unlike Tummy tucks, liposuction, or other surgical procedures, there is no downtime required after a Coolsculpting treatment.

An innovative solution

Coolsculpting was approved by the FDA for treating fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs. It has also been approved to treat the flanks, also known as “love handles.” When exercise and dieting have proven unsuccessful at battling stubborn body fat, Coolsculpting may be the ideal solution.

How CoolSculpting works

Since many patients have fatty areas that resist diet and exercise, Coolsculpting comes as an optimal solution for helping them attain improved body contours. Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to target and crystallize only the fat cells. This ensures surrounding healthy tissue remains intact. Patients have likened the cold sensation to a thin sheet of ice placed on the localized area. Following treatment, the immune systems gradually removes the crystallized fat cells.

Embracing results

Some patients embrace results after one to two treatments. For others, we may recommend three to four sessions to achieve optimal results. In about three months, patients can count on seeing improved body contours. Results can include losing up to an inch in the waistline, clothes that fit better, increased self-esteem, and a rejuvenated appearance.

Exploring CoolSculpting

To explore your candidacy for Coolsculpting, we recommend scheduling a consultation. We will discuss your goals and expectations, review your medical history, and examine the areas you wish to have treated. If you are a candidate for treatment, we will tailor a plan to meet your needs that highlights the number of sessions required to achieve your goals.

Schedule your consultation today by calling our friendly and knowledgeable team at 904-606-9882. In addition to Coolsculpting, we provide other treatments that can rejuvenate your appearance such as laser treatments, chemical peels, and dermal fillers.