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Eczema Eczema is a common condition that affects patients of all ages and can be uncomfortable and problematic.

Eczema is one of the primary reasons why patients visit a dermatologist. Eczema comes in many forms and varieties and can vary greatly from patient to patient, which is why visiting an experienced dermatologist such as Dr. Mary Pentel is highly encouraged. At Southside Dermatology, we can assist patients in getting a proper diagnosis and then continue working with them to develop a helpful treatment plan to control the problem and provide relief.

Eczema has a variety of symptoms. Most patients will experience patches on the skin that become red, itchy, and dry. Patients may also deal with secondary effects which can include hyperpigmentation and infections. When patients are dealing with a flare-up of eczema, they are often extremely uncomfortable.

Once patients have had a proper diagnosis of the condition from their dermatologist, they can then work with their doctor to develop a treatment plan that works best for their skin type and the severity of their condition. In order to immediately address the issue, patients may be prescribed a range of steroids, either topical or oral. This can help in controlling the inflammation on the skin. More severe cases may require phototherapy or immunosuppressant medications to get the condition under control before considering preventative care.

After patients have addressed the initial eczema flare-up, they can begin working with their dermatologist to develop a treatment plan that can be followed every day to reduce the likelihood of flare-ups. This may include the use of lotions and creams to help moisturize the skin. Patients should also avoid anything that can irritate the skin. If patients are experiencing itching skin, they should refrain from scratching.