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eTwo Sublative/Sublime

eTwo Sublative/Sublime The eTwo treatment combines Sublative Rejuvenation and Sublime Skin Contouring. Treatment with eTwo revives your skin to appear more youthful.

eTwo is a treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to deliver an effective fractional and tightening treatment to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pores and acne scarring.

Sublime Skin Contouring is a treatment that combines infrared light with radiofrequency to firm skin as well as tighten lax skin.

The combo eTwo treatment is excellent for skin of any color and has little downtime or disruption of daily activities. Discomfort is minimal.

The two together yield an improved skin surface regularity as well as firming and tightening.

Treatments can also be provided separately.

The benefits include smoother and brighter skin, with smaller appearing pores, less scarring and finer and less deep wrinkles. In addition, lax skin will be tighter as well as firmer. Typically results become noticeable over a period of three to six months but some patients have seen results immediately after treatment.