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Melasma Treatment

Dr. Mary Pentel of South Side Dermatology works with many patients to improve both medical and cosmetic issues that can develop on the skin and body. While she sees many patients with acne and skin cancer, she also works regularly with patients who are coming in to her practice to seek diagnosis and treatment of a condition called melasma.

What is this condition?

Melasma, also known as chloasma or "mask of pregnancy" is seen most often during pregnancy or with oral contraceptive use. It is seen as light to dark brown splotches affecting the forehead, nose, cheeks, upper lip, and chin and is more common in women of darker skin types. It appears to affect women more than men, and is more often seen on patients of color.

What causes melasma?

The most common causes of melasma are estrogen and ultraviolet light. Heat may also play a role in melasma because many women develop melasma on the upper lip after hot wax has been used as a hair removal method. A physical examination will be performed during an appointment with Dr. Mary Pentel to give patients a proper diagnosis due to the physical attributes of this condition.

What are some recommended treatments for melasma?

Combination treatments with prescription strength hydroquinone, chemical peels and broad spectrum sunblock have shown to be very effective. The Fraxel DUAL is also FDA approved for resistant melasma. Dr. Mary Pentel works closely with her patients to determine the best treatment option for their melasma based on their budget, the severity of their melasma, and considering any health insurance coverage patients may also receive for treatments. She discusses with patients what melasma is when providing a proper diagnosis and then may suggest a specific type of treatment based on her experience and expertise in handling this skin concern.

Treatments for melasma include topical skin lighteners, chemical peels and various lasers. We have lasers that are effective and safe for melasma. We specialize in treating melasma in patients with skin of color.

If you live in or around the Jacksonville, Florida area and want to find out more about treatment for melasma, contact the team of South Side Dermatology today. We highly suggest working with a dedicated dermatologist to find out more about conditions such as these and effective treatment solutions.