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Moles and Melanoma

Moles and Melanoma - Doing Moles and Melanoma Treatment Dr. Mary Pentel and her team at SouthSide Dermatology regularly see patients in their practice for skin cancer screenings. She also sees individuals come into her facility because of a concerning mole. When it comes to moles and melanoma, patients should seriously consider visiting a trained dermatologist if they have any concerns regarding these marks on the skin.

Moles and melanoma moles, also known as nevi (nevus), are benign pigmented growths that can be flesh color, pink, tan, brown, or black. They can be present at birth or develop later in life. Moles are usually harmless. However, they can change and become atypical, (dysplastic) or malignant (malignant melanoma). Malignant melanoma can also develop de novo (suddenly new). If there are any changes, especially if any of the following signs or symptoms appear, you should be examined by a professional immediately:
  • A – Asymmetry
  • B - Border (irregular, indistinct borders)
  • C - Color (variation in colors)
  • D - Diameter (increase in size; larger than 6 mm)
  • S - Symptoms (bleeds, itch, pain)
When patients come to SouthSide Dermatology with concerns regarding moles or other skin growths that have changed in appearance, size, color, and shape, Dr. Mary Pentel may strongly recommend that a biopsy be performed. A biopsy is a procedure in which a portion of the mole is removed and sent to a laboratory to check for signs of skin cancer.

Most results are available within 2 weeks of your biopsy procedure. Please call us at (904) 880-0622 if you have not received your results within 2 weeks following your biopsy. Leave a message on the biopsy and surgery voicemail and our staff will return your call within 24 to 48 hours. Please be aware that you may have a separate pathology bill from an outside lab.

Dr. Mary Pentel wants to ensure her patients have access to the best technologies and most prestigious pathology offices to ensure proper diagnosis of skin cancer. If patients receive a biopsy that comes back negative for cancer, they may still consider having this lesion removed. This can be done in our practice as an outpatient procedure and the lesion may be extracted from the body to eliminate any possibility of it becoming a cancerous lesion.