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Precision Tx

It is common for patients in the Jacksonville, FL area to speak to a dermatological professional about ways of reducing skin laxity that may have resulted in loose skin around the jowls, lower portion of the face, and the neck. When patients are dealing with mild to moderate skin laxity and do not have severe enough issues to warrant traditional, invasive surgical facelifts, specialized laser technology can help in firming and tightening the skin in a more comfortable, lower risk manner. At The Spa & Laser Center at Southside Dermatology, we may recommend patients consider Precision Tx™.

Precision Tx™ is a treatment that is performed by a dermatological professional such as Dr. Mary Pentel by inserting a small cannula into the treatment area. This cannula has laser fibers inside which allow the precise delivery of laser energy used to heat the deeper layers of the skin to provide instant tightening of all of the layers of the skin for noticeable results. At the same time, the cannula can target any fatty tissue deposits that are present by suctioning them out in a gentle manner. There are typically some immediate results, but the treatment continues to perform over the course of several months as collagen stimulation and growth help in adding firmness to the skin. Patients will notice a better-defined jaw line and less “waddle” appearance underneath the chin. The lower cheek area and neck are tightened resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Many patients are comfortable throughout their Precision Tx™ procedure, which uses local tumescent anesthesia for maximum comfort. Bleeding is also minimized as the laser cannula helps in coagulating the blood vessels, which also reduces the recovery time. Most patients can return to their daily lifestyle and normal activities within a few days after treatment. In most cases, one treatment is necessary for long-lasting results.

If you live in the Jacksonville, FL community or surrounding areas and you have considered the advantages of a mild facelift, now is the time to speak with Dr. Mary Pentel about non-invasive solutions for mild to moderate skin laxity before considering the expense and invasiveness of traditional plastic surgery.