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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea Jacksonville - Rosacea Treatment Dr. Mary Pentel and the team of South Side Dermatology work with patients of all ages when it comes to both medical and general dermatology concerns. When patients are struggling with redness of the skin that may be accompanied with bumps and flushing, they may be dealing with a condition commonly known as rosacea.

What is rosacea?

Although rosacea can affect anyone, it typically affects adults with light skin and hair. Rosacea manifests as pimples, redness, and flushing. It can cause dry, burning skin and irritated eyes. There is no known cause of rosacea. There are many facial rashes that can mimic rosacea. Dermatologists are well trained in differentiating between these rashes, and Dr. Mary Pentel has the experience in determining if this is a chronic problem such as rosacea or more of an incidental rash.

Who can develop rosacea?

Rosacea can develop on both men and women, adults and children. However, it appears more in adults that have lighter skin tone and hair color. It is seen less in men and women who have ethnic skin.

How is rosacea diagnosed?

Dr. Mary Pentel will discuss with patients their medical history and will perform an evaluation of the skin during the dermatological visit. A physical examination is the best way to properly diagnose this condition.

What are treatment options for conditions such as rosacea?

Treatment for rosacea consists of avoiding trigger factors (i.e. sun, caffeine, spicy foods, stress, red wines, etc.), topical and oral medications, Vbeam perfecta laser or intense pulse light treatment.

Dr. Mary Pentel is an experienced dermatologist who can assist patients who are dealing with this condition and help them find relief. Rosacea can have a huge impact on one’s self-esteem and confidence, so it can be important to seek treatment to improve the way one feels about themselves and therefore improve their overall quality of life. Dr. Mary Pentel recommends patients visit her practice to learn about rosacea, how it can be treated, and start a treatment program at South Side Dermatology for enhanced beauty and improved self-confidence. Contact Dr. Mary Pentel today in Jacksonville, Florida to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation.