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Skin Tightening


Thermage is a safe Radiofrequency (RF) device that causes tightening of your skin without the surgery. The RF energy heats the deeper layer of the skin which contracts collagen and tightens the skin. The upper epidermis is protected and therefore this procedure can be used in all skin types.

There is minimal discomfort with the new CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) hand piece and multi pass protocol. This is unlike the first and second generations Thermage devices. There is no downtime and you may return to your normal activities immediately. Results are usually visible after one treatment, but results will continue gradually over 2-6 months. The benefits of skin tightening can last several years, depending on the rate of your individual aging process.

Areas that can be treated:

  • Forehead—to lift the eyebrows, making the eyes appear open and less tired
  • Jawline—to tighten the jawline
  • Upper neck—to smooth out neck wrinkles
  • Face—to tightening and smoothing out cheek wrinkles
  • Chest—to smooth out wrinkles
  • Knees/Thighs—to tighten saggy skin
  • Abdomen—to tighten saggy skin, especially after pregnancies


Ultherapy is an innovative procedure that uses focused ultrasound technology to lift and tighten loose skin. It is the only FDA-approved procedure to non-invasively lift and tighten skin on the neck, chin, jawline, brow, and upper lip. It is a natural, safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures.

Ultherapy focus ultrasound waves to the deepest layers of the skin to optimally heat the tissue to naturally and gradually create new collagen. This improves your skin from the foundation inside out without disrupting the surface of the skin. You can actually see where the sound waves are located. The target is the same deep tissue that surgeons address in surgical facelifts.

Most people will need just one treatment. If you have a fair amount of laxity, you may benefit from more than one treatment. Results can last up to 2 years. You may see some lifting and tightening immediately following the treatment, but optimal results may take 2-3 months.

There is no downtime after the procedure and you may return immediately to normal activities. You may be slightly red, but this disappears within a few hours. Side effects are minimal and temporary. These can include temporary slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch for a few weeks. Rarely post-procedural effects of bruising or small areas of numbness can occur.

Ultherapy can treat all skin types including ethnic skin. Men will benefit from jawline definition, jowl lifting and brow elevation. Many people can benefit from this safe and effective procedure.

Fotona 3D Non-Invasive Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

The Spa & Laser Center is proud to introduce a unique method of skin tightening and rejuvenation utilizing The Fotona 3D Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation Method. This procedure employs two lasers in unique modes and settings to accomplish results similar to fillers and other tightening devices but without the down time and discomfort.

The combination of an Er:YAG 2940 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm lasers utilizes a unique technology to achieve collagen stimulation and remodeling. This new collagen synthesis has been shown to help with wrinkles, skin tightening, texture, pore size, scarring, flaccid skin and hyperpigmentation.

This procedure is a 3-step method performed sequentially in a single treatment session:

Step 1: The Er:YAG laser in a SMOOTH (non-ablative) mode is utilized intra-orally to stimulate the collagen in the oral mucosal. This procedure can be used in the buccal and peri-oral mucosa to lift and fill the nasolabial folds (smile lines) and prejowl sulcus (frown lines). The laser is used intra-orally in the lip mucosa to improve lip lines and fullness.

Step 2: The Nd:YAG laser light (FRAC mode), aimed from the surface of the skin, penetrates deep into the dermis to cause collagen remodeling and stimulation of new collagen.

Step 3:The Nd:YAGin a PIANO mode, causes dermal collagen remodeling under an undamaged outer skin surface layer. This causes the skin to tighten and smooth thus diminishing the surface wrinkles.

Thisthree-step procedure causes no pain, only slight warmth with the laser stimulation. There are no down time or known adverse effects. We suggest 2-4 treatments, every 4 weeks apart depending on your age and concerns. The results are long lasting. This procedure is safe for all skin type.

A superficial laser peel can be added to the above three step procedure. This laser peel will remove superficial skin imperfections and roughness. This will leave your skin radiant and smooth. This additional step will require 2-3 days of superficial skin peeling.

Skin Tightening