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There is no better reward for us than a satisfied patient. Dr. Pentel and the team at Southside Dermatology have become recognized in the Jacksonville area for excellence in service. Read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with us, and then contact us for your personal consultation.

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Recent Patient Reviews

The following reviews are published under Southside Dermatology or The Spa & Laser Center. These two entities have now been combined under Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center.

Dianne M. review about Dr. Pental
"Lorie was wonderful! No burns or bruises. Excited to see the results in a month or two! Already slight improvement. Thank you!!"
~ D. M. | Sep 26, 2017

Anna K. review about Dr. Pental
"Front desk staff was very courteous, professional and exceptionally friendly!! Great experience!"
~ A. K. | Sep 26, 2017

Gina R. review about Dr. Pental
"My experience was exceptional from start to finish. The office staff is extremely nice and welcoming. My esthetician was very professional and knowledgeable. She made sure I was comfortable before she began my procedure while explaining the steps as she performed my microdermabrasion."
~ G. R. | Sep 21, 2017

Patti B. review about Dr. Pental
"I love Dr. Pentel! She is fair and honest and a wonderful dermatologist. I drive From the beach to Mandarin just to see her. She is the best!"
~ P. B. | Sep 19, 2017

Julie R. review about Dr. Pental
"Personal and professional service by Dr. Pentel and her staff - they did a great job informing me of the processes of the procedure as it went along and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure! Excellent service Southside Dermatology!!"
~ J. R. | Sep 19, 2017

Melissa D. review about Dr. Pental
"The entire staff is wonderful....Lauren does an awesome job every time with my facials and dermaplaning."
~ M. D. | Sep 18, 2017

Jeanine G. review about Dr. Pental
"No other healthcare provider I've found has been more kind, more thorough, more competent, or more compassionate than Dr. Pentel. Truly someone dedicated the doing a great job and it trickles down to her staff as well. What a great experience."
~ J. G. | Sep 04, 2017

Marcella S. review about Dr. Pental
"Excellent and prompt service. Very friendly and polite staff. Ambience is perfect. Definitely my first choice for all things beauty related!"
~ M. S. | Aug 25, 2017

Debbie S. review about Dr. Pental
"The Spa and Laser Center is fantastic. All staff is engaged and informative. I highly recommend their services and expertise. You can trust their council which means a lot in this field of wellness."
~ D. S. | Aug 23, 2017

etbixby review about Dr. Pental
"I saw Dr. Pentel the first visit for Botox and fillers. She did a fantastic job. Her shots were gentle. She has an artistic expertise of knowing just the right filler or adjustment to lift and take years off your face. She recommended filler for my under eyes. I absolutely love it. I don't have to cake makeup under there anymore, (which never worked because I was dealing with a shadow). This lifts the skin around the under eye to bring it up the rest of the face. I definitely recommend going to her for the procedure.

The next time I saw Dr. Pentel, I had a cosmetic appointment scheduled but had an issue with a spot on my face. Dr. Pentel graciously explained that I needed a biopsy. She delicately performed it. The office staff called with the results, sent a note in the mail and scheduled me for a follow up appointment. Although the spot was not cancerous, I appreciated their concern.

Living in Florida, you can't avoid the sun and enjoy life here. So, I recommend being pro-active for your skin and seeing Dr. Pentel. Whether you are interested in a cosmetic update, or just an advocate for your own health, she's the go-to dermatologist."
~ E. | Aug 14, 2017

Anonymous review about Dr. Pental
"Lauren is absolutely fantastic and she just makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Looking forward to my next appointment with this office."
~ Anonymous | Aug 03, 2017

Nicole M. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel does an excellent job. My skin looks so much smoother and younger! I have been visiting the Spa and Laser Center for more than two years. I appreciate the helpful staff and Dr. Pentel's knowledge and professionalism."
~ N. M. | Aug 01, 2017

Tara W. review about Dr. Pental
"I just had the most amazing facial by Lauren! Highly recommend this place for cosmetic and dermatology."
~ T. W. | Aug, 2017

Trinity W. review about Dr. Pental
"I went for a consultation and left in awe. the staff was very informative, welcoming, and friendly. I didn't feel pressured at all to make any on spot decision and am excited to start my treatment."
~ T. W. | Jul 19, 2017

Cody R. review about Dr. Pental
"Excellent service as well as the kindest and most genuine people you could ever find!"
~ C. R. | Jul 13, 2017

Moira K. review about Dr. Pental
"Very professional across the board but also comfortable and accessible"
~ M. K. | Jul 05, 2017

Jan C. review about Dr. Pental
"I've been going to Dr. Pentel for almost as long as she has been open. I find her very knowledgeable and professional. The staff is very nice and efficient. I highly recommend this business."
~ J. C. | Jun 30, 2017

A.T. review about Dr. Pental
"Always profession. I feel as though I am cared for as a patient with the best medical knowledge possible. Spotless office and met with a smile. Thank you for taking care of my families dermatology needs."
~ A.T. | Jun 29, 2017

Sandra S. review about Dr. Pental
"Love the Cool Sculpting recommend it for anyone who wants their clothes to fit better went from a 38 to a 36 in bra and from 12 to 10 in pants. Susan is awesome!!!!"
~ S. S. | Jun 28, 2017

Sandra S. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel and her staff are wonderful, I also love the Spa and Laser Center, Susan does a fantastic job on the Cool Sculpting I love the results all of my clothes fit so much better. Thanks Susan"
~ S. S. | Jun 28, 2017

Erika L. review about Dr. Pental
"My experience was wonderful. All of my expectations were met and my Skin looks great after the procedure."
~ E. L. | Jun 26, 2017

Hazel L. review about Dr. Pental
"I go to this office for an annual check-up every year and in-between if there is something I want looked at. They are great! Professional and efficient, kind and thorough"
~ H. L. | Jun 26, 2017

 Kelly W. review about Dr. Pental
"I have been going to Dr. Pentel for years and have seen Debbie for several. I love the professionalism and the thorough checkups! They are always consistent!"
~ K. W. | Jun 26, 2017

Shirley W. review about Dr. Pental
"They took 4 biopsies. and had the results in a timely manner. Kinda feel like family there. Everyone is so kind and professional at the same time. Have told several people to go there"
~ S. W. | Jun 26, 2017

Donna M. review about Dr. Pental
"When my Mom (90yo) and I moved back to Jax, we were looking for a good Dermatologist. Our Primary Care Physician recommended Dr. Pentel...saying she's was excellent! (His wife is a patient of Dr. Pentel's.) That was approximately 4 years ago...having been under her care these past years, Mom & I agree with him!! We see her quiet often, because melanoma runs in our Family...Mom's Father & Sister have already died from melanoma. Dr. Pentel's the best as far as we're concerned!!"
~ D. M. | Jun 26, 2017

Eric R. review about Dr. Pental
"Excellent service. Dr. Peterson really took the time to walk me through my treatment options. She performed my Moh's surgery and it turned out great!"
~ E. R. | Jun 26, 2017

Nicole M. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel does an excellent job of injecting Restylane fillers in my face. My skin looks so much smoother and younger! I have been visiting the Spa and Laser Center for more than two years. I appreciate the helpful staff and Dr. Pentel's knowledge and professionalism."
~ N. M. | Jun 26, 2017

Genny J. review about Dr. Pental
"This is the best spa I have been to! I need to remember to schedule my next visit when I leave since I never seem to have time in my day to call to make one!"
~ G. J. | Jun 24, 2017

Kimberly R. review about Dr. Pental
"Beautiful space! Friendly, knowledgeable staff!"
~ K. R. | Jun 24, 2017

Ann E. review about Dr. Pental
"The staff is very helpful and skilled. It is very easy to get an appointment that works with my schedule. I always leave feeling pampered and relaxed!"
~ A. E. | Jun 24, 2017

Suzanne D. review about Dr. Pental
"Have been a patient for quite a number of treatments. All technicians were extremely personable yet professional. I recommended the Spa to a friend and she enjoyed her treatment also."
~ S. D. | Jun 24, 2017

Kathleen J. review about Dr. Pental
"I have been going to Dr. Pentel for years and she is awesome!! Her staff is kind and efficient. I would highly recommend this practice."
~ K. J. | Jun 24, 2017

Kathy J. review about Dr. Pental
"I have been going to Southside Dermatology for years and love the staff and the doctor. The best place in Jacksonville! I highly recommend.:) "
~ K. J. | Jun 24, 2017

Al W. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel has detected numerous Melanoma on me. All removed successfully. One of my guardian angels!"
~ A. W. | Jun 24, 2017

Lori M. review about Dr. Pental
"I have been a patient since 2001. Dr. Pentel saved my life with early detection of a melanoma. The office is efficient and the staff is friendly. I have recommended Dr. Pentel to dozens of people through the years."
~ L. M. | Jun 24, 2017

Ronald A. review about Dr. Pental
"Always was professional and explained everything prior to any treatment. Made you feel very comfortable. Everyone from the front desk to the nurses was excellent."
~ R. A. | Jun 23, 2017

John M. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel has removed numerous skin cancers over the years that I have been a patient there. Nowadays I usually see Debbie for my regular skin checks and she too had always done an excellent job. They always are great about informing me of the procedures needed and of removing the cancers with minimal scarring. Even though it has essentially required rebuilding and reshaping my ears and nose several times, it has resulted in virtually unnoticeable dis-figuration. I highly recommend them."
~ J. M. | Jun 23, 2017

Joyce B. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel removed a basal cell tumor from my nose. She did a beautiful job & a very tiny scar barely visible. She has also removed cancer from my husband on two occasions. She is very good."
~ J. B. | Jun 22, 2017

Karen review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel is excellent. She cares for her patient in every way and considers both the patient's comfort and outcome her priority. I highly recommend her. Great medical treatment and excellent spa service as well."
~ K. | Jun 21, 2017

Sherrie W. review about Dr. Pental
"Thorough, considerate, kind office staff and specialists. Many experiences in this office over many years. Highly recommend this practice to serve your needs."
~ S. W. | Jun 20, 2017

Mark G. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel and her staff are very caring towards their patients. They made me feel comfortable and assured that my I get my full money is worth for the treatments that I received. Highly Recommended! 5/5"
~ M. G. | Jun 16, 2017

Jesse W. review about Dr. Pental
"The mary ladies always treat me as if i am their only patient"
~ J. W. | Jun 16, 2017

markongpauco review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel and her staff are very caring towards their patients. They made me feel comfortable and assured that my I get my full money's worth for the treatments that I received. Highly Recommended! 5/5"
~ M. | Jun 16, 2017

Kimberly T. review about Dr. Pental
"No waiting! I'm and out. Professional services. Very friendly and caring staff! Clean, modern, and Dr. Pentel, friendly, smiling, explains things to her patient's. Highly recommend this practice!"
~ K. T. | Jun 15, 2017

Rita E. review about Dr. Pental
"Today, 6 month full body skin check! 2 biopsies and a couple of laughs! I have been a patient for 16 plus years. Dr. Pentel and her staff are compassionate, professional and treat you as if you are family. Whether I am seeing them for dermatology needs or spa/cosmetic services I know I can trust that I am receiving the most up to date procedure and service"
~ R. E. | Jun 14, 2017

Jennifer review about Dr. Pental
"The addition of Lorie Carter(board-certified family nurse practitioner) was such an asset to the team. Very knowledgeable and honest about what you should expect from any procedure. I have been going there to May Nguyen for my eyelashes for a long time. She is an amazing kind spirit. The procedure is quite long, so I always plan my schedule so that I can take a nap while having them put on. So worth it!"
~ J. | Jun 14, 2017

Anonymous review about Dr. Pental
"I found Dr. Pentel and her staff to be great. It was easy to make an appointment, I was early and had almost no wait time even on a busy day, her staff was very pleasant and listened carefully to my concerns, and Dr. Pentel spent a great deal of time with me and I felt like she really cared about me from a long term perspective. She discouraged me from making any quick decisions and even recommended I get a second opinion from another doctor of my choosing. What a great place!"
~ Anonymous | May 26, 2017

Jan C. review about Dr. Pental
"I have been her patient since near the beginning of her practice. She has detected all my cancers at very early stage so they could be easily treated. I had an issue the other morning so I called and was promptly seen and treated correctly that afternoon. Her NP knows what she's doing & when I need to see the doctor, I do. I've never had financial problems or been mistreated in any way. Staff is friendly and kind and concerned for you, too!"
~ J. C. | Mar 12, 2017

Rona B. review about Dr. Pental
"Lorie is AUHMAZING!! Have been going to her for over 6 years now and she is THE BEST!! She listens to exactly what your concerns and wants are and then makes her suggestions as to what is best along with what is needed. TRUST ME, I have seen some HOT MESSES and ALWAYS tell them to go and see Lorie!! She will fix what the other so called professional has done wrong. EVERY person that I have sent her has been percent satisfied. I PROMISE you will fall in love with her for her skill, knowledge and sweet, fun personality!"
~ R. B. | Feb 24, 2017

Sylvia W. review about Dr. Pental
"Lauren made getting a chemical peel an enjoyable experience! She's knowledgeable about the products and gave great advice for a proper skin routine. Go see her for your skincare needs!!"
~ S. W. | Feb 01, 2017

Rebecca P. review about Dr. Pental
"The staff are very friendly, professional, and quick to help with any questions or concerns. I went in after a post fraxel breakout and I was seen (at no charge), changed 1 product in my daily skin care regimen and in less than 24 hours my skin has already made a major improvement! Thank you for taking the time to help me in my mini crisis. You saved my skin!"
~ R. P. | Jan 11, 2017

Ashley S. review about Dr. Pental
"I loved my Clear and Brilliant procedure!! It made my skin glow and look super healthy! I also noticed my skin is more plump and my pores look much smaller... I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!!! I plan on getting this 2x a year to keep up my skin texture and brightness. Thanks Spa and Laser Center!!"
~ A. S. | Jan 04, 2017

Jenny B. review about Dr. Pental
"I absolutely love Dr. Pentel and her staff! They are extremely professional and very good at what they do. I've been a patient for over 15 years and won't go anywhere else!!!"
~ J. B. | Jul 11, 2016

Kim B. review about Dr. Pental
"I get my eyelashes done by May! She does amazing work using Nova Lash! Nova Lash are the BEST eyelashes on the market and so is May's work! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you May for making me feel beautiful!"
~ K. B. | Jun 11, 2016

reiprishjlb review about Dr. Pental
"My history with Dr. Pentel goes back several years. I lived in Ponte Vedra Beach and had been to two other wellknown medical/cosmetic dermatologists to help correct a flaw that was genetic in nature and neither doctor was able to achieve the appearance I knew was possible. I was about to give up when a friend said, “You need to make an appointment with Dr. Mary Pentel of Southside Dermatology.” I did, and she consulted with me and her plan was to achieve a natural looking appearance that included Botox/Dysport and a dermal filler. She definitely knows what she is talking about! She accomplished the exact natural appearance I knew was possible from cosmetic dermatologists in Hollywood, but I lived in Jacksonville! Thank you Dr. Mary for taking the time to understand my needs! Thank you for helping me to look my best! I will recommend you & your staff to all my friends!"
~ R. | May 31, 2016

Rebecca W. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. P and her team are the best! They are always professional, on-time and the only ones I would trust to perform any of these services. I would not go anywhere else.

DO NOT BELIEVE any of these less than 5 star reviews…..seriously"
~ R. W. | Dec 18, 2015

Ivette5835 review about Dr. Pental
"I have always lived with deep lines and hollowness under my eyes. My eyes get puffy when im on my menses, which makes them look worse and this has been a huge insecurity of mine. ive been getting fillers for the past 3 yrs to help resolve this issue for me and so far I can only trust 2 Derm docs with my face (ive seen 8 total, betw NY, MD & FL). Yesterday, I went to Southside Dermatology and Dr. Pentel rejuvenated my face, I am soo happy with the results. I know its only been 24hrs but I can see a huge difference compared to the injections Ive received in the past. To treat the swelling ive been icing my face for 20mins every 2 hours, taking tylenol every 6hrs and using vitamin k creme to reduce bruising. So far these are my results and I will continue to update. Dr. Pentel used Restalyne Silk 1ml to my cheeks and layered the wrinkles under my eyes with belotero"
~ I. | Nov 14, 2015

Anonymous review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel was very thorough and great with my teenager. She is caring and connected on a personal level. She told my son to use alarms on his I-pad to remind him to take meds. and to use his face creams. She also told him she could clear his acne within two months... and she did. The office staff was pleasant and helpful."
~ Anonymous | Jul 22, 2015

Estelle C. review about Dr. Pental
"Best dermatology group in Jacksonville! Dr. Pentel and her staff are knowledgeable, professional and caring. Whether you are in for a skin checkup or enjoying one of the incredible services in the Spa and Laser center, you will be more than happy with the outcome. I have had several laser procedures with better than expected results and recently have had the Sculptra injectables (awesome so far). I receive compliments on my skin frequently and have to point the credit to Dr. Pentel and her excellent staff."
~ E. C. | Jun 12, 2015

A Google User review about Dr. Pental
"I am so happy with my subtle, natural-looking results! I am a very conservative person who wanted to restore volume to my face but felt nervous to use injectable fillers. A couple of close friends of mine recommended Dr. Pentel to me, based on their own good experiences. I was relieved to see that she had a very cautious approach. Dr. Pentel listened to my concerns and explained exactly where she would place the filler. To reassure me, she allowed me to do a little bit over the course of a couple visits, until I achieved the results I wanted. I look refreshed and happy - not fake at all. Several of my friends and family members, who have no idea that I might use fillers, have also commented that I look more rested. My only regret is that I had not made an appointment sooner."
~ A Google User | Jun 12, 2015

Missy K. review about Dr. Pental
"My daughter (15) had a facial with Lauren Perilli yesterday and had a great experience! Lauren was knowledgeable and talked to her about her skin. She spoke to her like she would an adult which my daughter loved. After the facial I was impressed b/c Lauren talked to us about appropriate skincare but didn't try to "sell us" on things she wouldn't need. :) Thanks Lauren."
~ M. K. | Jun 04, 2015

Richard C. review about Dr. Pental
"Both my wife and I have been patients of Dr.Pentels...for medical procedures as well as cosmetic services.We moved to Florida permanently 21/2 years ago and were in need of a dermatologist.My wife researched extensively before booking a consultation. We have had frequent visits to her office for a wide variety of needs.The level of education and experience of Dr.Pentel is what initially brought us to the office but the positive experiences on many levels at Southside Dermatology will ensure our loyalty.The atmosphere of appreciation for our presence combined with exceptional customer service and highly trained support staff make both medical issues and cosmetic interests frustration free.

We would without reservation recommend Southside Dermatology ..... we have many times and will continue to do so.This practice raises the level of service for the Jacksonville area. "
~ R. C. | Jun 12, 2014

Hannah L. review about Dr. Pental
"Dr. Pentel and the staff at Southside Dermatology are phenomenal. My appointments are always on time and the staff is attentive, friendly, and helpful. I trust Dr. Pentel completely with my full-body checks, removals, and surgeries. I had surgery last Monday. She continuously made sure that I was comfortable with the procedure and gave clear instructions for post-surgery cleaning, medicine, and follow-up. I even left their office with instructions typed on a sheet of paper. Brittany assisted Dr. Pentel during the surgery and walked me out to the counter to make sure I was comfortable. Brittany also called the next day to check on me. I feel as though I know Dr. Pentel and Brittany on a personal level, after my last three visits, and trust their suggestions. My daily routine has changed since becoming a patient at Southside Dermatology. I now have better products for washing and moisturizing my face and arms, as well as using the right sunscreen for the best protection. I saw major results from the new products from Southside Dermatology and look forward to keeping my skin young and flawless for years to come. I would recommend Southside Dermatology to all of my family and friends."
~ H. L. | Jun 12, 2014
William S. review about Dr. Pental
"I am writing to say how very happy I am with all of the care I have received from Dr. Pentel, Debbie Smith, ARNP and the entire staff of professionals. Everyone has always been sincerely kind, respectful and dedicated to providing the best performance possible to accomplish optimal results from each office visit. I am truly blessed to have chosen Mary Pentel, M.D. over two years ago and I wholeheartedly recommend her outstanding practice to anyone in need of skin disease healing or cosmetic concerns."
~ W. S. | Jun 12, 2014

ErikaEMC review about Dr. Pental
"I chose to get the Fraxel laser treatment done because I had a good amount of skin discoloration on my face due to sun damage and was getting married in the near future and wanted to look my best. I couldn't be happier with the results! My skin discoloration is completely gone and so are the fine lines that once resided below my eyes! Dr. Pentel is the best Dermatologist I have ever seen. Her staff are all courteous and professional. I would recommend both this procedure and this doctor to all."
~ E. | Sep 15, 2013

Bsub1 review about Dr. Pental
"I've been a patient with Dr.Pentel for years. Not only is she extremely smart and dedicated to her patients and practice as a Doctor... She is genuinely a caring person! Always in a great mood & attentive to your needs every visit. Being a skin of color, you would think there is not much to help but she has several options in office."
~ B. | Sep 15, 2013

Kelly R. review about Dr. Pental
"I want to again thank my amazing sponsor. I am so grateful for the services and amazing quality of your products. Your staff is always warm and welcoming and friendly, making it one of my favorite places to visit. You are a gift to me as a patient. I will always refer my friends and family to you because you are the best! Mrs. U.S. Galaxy"
~ K. R. | Jun 05, 2013
C.W. review about Dr. Pental
"I am no longer nervous about what I wear when I am giving a presentation thanks to the miraDry procedure. I have always suffered from excessive under arm sweating and it has affected my job and personal life. After having miraDry that is no longer an issue. The staff explained the procedure thoroughly and I knew exactly what to expect. I would recommend this treatment to anyone that suffers from excessive underarm sweating!"
~ C.W.
G.P. review about Dr. Pental about Miraday
"Excellent results! I always have a positive experience with Doctor Pentel and all of her team. They really care about you as a patient and make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center to anyone."
~ G.P.
Carla A. review about Dr. Pental
"I went in just to inquire about services offered and from entering the door I was hooked! The number of services offered spans from facials to most all cosmetic (non-invasive) services. New York and LA have nothing on this medical facility. They carry top of the line inventory for the face to feet! The candle selections are wonderful! Cool sculpting is all the rage! Ask for Susan. May gives the best Vitamin C facial ever! The spa is so clean and sooooo relaxing! Not to mention all the rooms are so large and spacious. The staff are all very well trained and know the products and results. I will be using this spa religiously for my all my skin needs!"
~ C. A. - Jacksonville, FL
"Cool sculpting...... luv luv luv it. It works, its fast, painless and it works. I've had my stomach and flanks done, I have 1 nice hour glass shape again, haven't seen that in like 10 years."
~ L.L.
"Great experience as usual. Appointment was straight and to the point. I got all the info I needed and was in and out of there in about 15-20 minutes."
~ K.G.
"Every visit has been a pleasant experience and we are extremely pleased with the results. Front office has been very accommodating with last minute appointment changes and providing sample medication when we were waiting for prescriptions to arrive. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Southside Dermatology."
~ E.D.
"Including a cosmetic checkup with the dermatological one is a good idea, keep it up!"
~ R.L.
"Dr. Pentel explains things very clearly and thoroughly."
~ A.R.
"Both from a medical and cosmetic standpoint, I have been most pleased with knowledge, efficiency and courtesy of Dr. Pentel and all support staff."
~ D.C.
"There was a friendly, knowledgeable, cheerful staff. I was really impressed and pleased."
~ E.M.
"Best appointment ever. Taken back before appointment time, everyone was friendly, professional, efficient, and the whole appt went very well from the time I arrived to when I left."
~ P.B.
"Everyone was kind and professional. Dr. Pentel is wonderful."
~ E.G.
"Everyone was very nice and this is a place where I feel safe having procedures done. I have been here before for other issues and never had a bad experience, only good results."
~ J.S.
"I like everything about your office and the people that work in it and how they help me. Thank you."
~ J.S.
"There is nothing I would change. My visit was great in all ways. The doctor, staff and office facilities were first class."
~ L.T.
"The staff at this visit and every one of my visits has always made me feel very lucky and content with my treatment. I love Dr. Pentel."
~ J.P.
"Very pleasant experience. Dr. Pentel was very patient and looked at every area of concern with great attention. Her recommendations for treatment were easy to understand and allowed me to decide what I could afford to do. I will definitely recommend Dr. Pentel to my family and friends."
~ D.H.
"Love this office! Everyone has always been friendly and helpful."
~ C.N.
"My visit was very comfortable….I felt like I had a good exam and was reassured that I was on the right treatment plan. Very satisfied."
~ D.P.
"Love Dr. Pentel and staff. I would, and have recommended you to my friends and family."
~ E.H.
"Dr. Pentel and her staff are awesome!."
~ E.W.
"All is well as usual. Dr. P is always full of energy and puts you at ease."
~ D.W.
"I love Southside Dermatology! Your staff is very happy and helpful. Facilities are nice and clean. I used to go to another practice. I brought my husband with me recently and have recommended Southside Derm to all of my coworkers."
~ S.C.
"I love seeing Dr. Pentel because she always gives me a few different options and tells me what will work for me and what won't. I trust her judgment and appreciate her honesty."
~ A.L.
"I had gone to another doctor here in Jacksonville. I was not pleased at all. The reason I went is because we had moved. When I left his office, I said I am going back to Dr. Pentel because I trust her."
~ L.S.
"Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. The front desk was very busy, but courteous and professional. I appreciate the medical assistant being patient with me and going out of her way to make me feel comfortable with the procedure."
~ K.L.
"Super staff—will recommend to all friends."
~ E.G.
"Dr. Pentel always has a warm and beautiful smile for me and that makes me feel very special. I love her."
~ C.O.
"My experience was great. Very friendly personnel that knew their job and performed it excellently."
~ T.S.
"Great visit as usual. Thanks for the excellent care!"
~ A.Y.
"This was my first visit to your office and I was very pleased…I will return as a patient. Thanks!"
~ C.T.
"As always my experience was very professional, pleasant and comforting. I only have the highest praise for Dr. Mary and her entire staff. Without them my health would be a major concern."
~ M.M.